June World-Building 2018

1 Jun 2018 by Cal

I saw the World-Building June prompt list thing floating around last month and was extremely dissatisfied with the list of questions, so I decided I would write my own. It’s a little late getting up, but… well, here we are!

Rather than trying to have a haphazard but encompassing list of questions about Basically Everything, I took advantage of the month of June being 30 days and divided it into three general categories, with ten questions/days per category. The questions themselves, I tried to make both specific and broad - the kind of questions you can answer with just a brief sentence, or that you can expound upon in detail.

Now, before you start actually answering the questions, consider the purpose of the world-building. Is it just for fun, or is it for developing the setting of a story? The scope of your purpose will help limit and direct your answers to the questions.

Peregrine Falcon, Private Detective

6 May 2018 by Cal


In the back of the two-room office, a telephone rang. The telephone was bright red - standing out in the dark, under-furnished office - with a rotary dial. It sat in the middle of the room on a simple, somewhat cluttered, wooden desk.

At the sound, the slim figure standing at the window turned towards the telephone, watching it quietly as it rang again, then a third time. On the fourth ring, he - or she, it was difficult to tell - finally stepped over to the desk and picked up the phone.

“Peregrine Falcon, detective for hire, what can I solve for you today?“

Mushcode Waiter

21 Feb 2018 by Cal

The code for my waiter bot script! Written to run in TinyMUX, using the Places system. It’s designed to work with the Money System from NarniaMUSH, but that can be easily tweaked to work with any money system where you can give an object an arbitrary amount of money. It also works as-is to use as a parent object.

Players need to be sitting at a place to call over a waiter. Once the waiter comes over to a table, anyone at that table can order. Bills are on an individual basis and there is currently no way to combine or pay for another person’s bill directly.


15 Mar 2015 by Cal

“Are you all right?”

Alan let out a long breath, something between a sigh and a hiss, and looked at his assistant’s concerned expression through the darkness. Trevor was new, and young; he could be forgiven a few stupid questions at stressful moments, at least. He might even have missed the bullet hitting Alan’s leg.

Adding Insult to Injury

11 Nov 2014 by Cal

Prompt: add insult to injury

“Why are you always so pissed off?”

“Ha ha funny.”

“No. Dammit, Dez.” Jake frowned. “I’m serious.”

Desdemona stared at Jake like he’d grown a second head or something. ”You’re… You seriously have no idea?”

Among the Trees

29 Oct 2014

Written for Lyn Thorne-Alder in a fic exchange.

Vidrou, sa’Tree-Hugger – more commonly known as Vid or Viddie – hummed quietly as he inspected his orchard. It was summer, which meant the seasons for peaches, plums and nectarines. Never mind that their home in ex-Michigan was nowhere near the right climate. He might not be able to change the weather, but he could change the trees. Combined with his diligent and affectionate caretaking, this meant come midsummer, there were fresh peaches.

Aside from tending to the trees, gathering fruit for the next few days was Vid’s main purpose in being out at the orchard this sunny afternoon. The basket slung over his shoulder was already half full, bearing a mix of red plums and yellow peaches.

“Papa, papa, look!” Seven-year-old Tilden raced across the grass, ignorant of the scrapes and dirt on his shins and elbows. He bounced to a stop in front of his father, proudly displaying a nectarine. “I picked it myself, just like you showed me.”

Unusual Methods

15 Sep 2014 by Cal

Written for the Thimbleful Thursday prompt: throw down the gauntlet. I squeaked in at 439 words!

Desdemona barely restrained herself from punching Jake into the wall. “What the hell–”

“Desdemona cy’Fridmar,” he interrupted, waving the glove he’d just smacked her with in her face, “I challenge you to a duel.”


8 Jul 2014
As the Director left the stage, the newly graduated Cohort slowly began to gather themselves to leave the auditorium. All, that is, but one. A tall blonde woman (they were all adults now in both senses of the word) wearing a full set of studded leather armor and weapons, slipped out of her seat on the aisle and strode forward, leaping onto the stage with ease. Before most of the assembled students noticed, she turned to face them and, using her heel like a gavel, stomped her foot three times.

Empty Hallways

19 Nov 2012 by Cal

She was cursed.

A Rocky Beginning

21 Aug 2012 by Cal

“And I’m the rightful king of Scotland.” Jake snorted derisively, looking down at her - or trying, at least. At five foot eight (and a half), Desdemona was taller than at least half the school. “You think I give a shit who your parents are?”

“I think you should know better than to think I’m some weak little girl.” She sank back into a fighter’s crouch, raising her fists. “I also think you’re an asshole.”