A Real Query for an Imaginary Book

Prompt: Write a query letter for a fantasy (any kind) novel

Dear Non-Existent-Agent,

When Kian stumbled into the Asagkjh village with a bloody gash in his arm, he didn’t know who he was. He also didn’t know that he looked identical to Korel, a member of the village who died three years before. And he definitely didn’t know that Korel was prophesied to save the world.

As Kian recovered from his injuries under the care of the Aaskjghs chieftain’s daughter, Sharia, strange things began happening. He heard conversations that weren’t happening. He saw doors that weren’t there and led to places they shouldn’t be able to. Torches and fires started to flare brightly or go out when he passed. And no one but him seemed surprised.

The whole village obviously knew something about him that he didn’t know, and they just as obviously wanted to keep it that way. As the chieftain trained him to control his newly-appearing abilities and help defend the village against the ever-increasing Wild attacks, Kian started prying at their secret.

But when Kian finally found his answers, there would still be one question left.

Was he ready? Or would it end in tragedy a second time?

AN IMAGINARY BOOK is a sword and sorcery fantasy novel of OVER 9000! words about power, responsibility, and setting things on fire.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Author

Various Contact Information
Would Undoubtedly
Go Here

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