Prompt: Write a scene as a cat

It is very difficult, the scrawled note begins, to write without thumbs. But I will persist with the experiment, if writing take me all night.

Day 1 has gone much as expected. The target woman was easily won by a play of feline helplessness. I now have ample food, shelter, access to writing implements and an undisturbed corner of the linen closet. I do not believe these blankets have been used in years.

I have been granted free reign over the house, more by virtue of the innate stealth of this form than by explicit permission. There seems little expectation of my obedience. They either attempt to win my favor or to render me as little an inconvenience as possible. I have determined that being scratched behind the ears is by far the most preferable physical attention.

The clock has just rung five. I shall conclude my first report here though I have much more to write, should time permit.

The signature is illegible.

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