Most people, it seems, get into reading Anne McCaffrey by discovering her Pern books. Which makes sense; they’re probably the most popular and most successful of the settings she wrote in. And I’m not going to lie, I definitely read them all and was all about having a telepathic dragon partner.

But my introduction to Anne McCaffrey – the book by her that I read first, and which led directly to me hunting down more of her books to read them – was actually The Ship Who Sang. It was amazing. Here I was, reading a book where the protagonist was a space ship. And not a robot spaceship, which I was familiar with from Isaac Asimov. A human person. Who was also a spaceship.

It was the most fascinatingly awesome story premise I had ever read, at the time, and it’s still one of my favorites. I started reading Starwalker – a web serial about a spaceship AI who gains human sapience – largely because it reminded me of the brainship stories. I also lost track of it a few years ago and am thus very, very far behind… ah well. It’s good, though. To the point I last read it.

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  1. I can’t remember when I read the Brainships stories, but I believe it was well before Pern – I read Pern in my not-mother-in-law’s library, some time around 1996. Sadly, I don’t have a very strong feeling/memory attached to any of the McCaffrey stuff, except, as we’ve discussed, that thing with the rolling hills on the cover.

    • Inspector Caracal says:

      I’m guessing you were not exactly an Anne McCaffrey fan so much as “the books were there so I read them”? ;)

      The Ship Who Sang was actually one of her first ever published books, I believe, if not her actual first. But it’s the Pern stuff that got her most of her fans.

      p.s. Freedom’s Landing.

  2. Anke says:

    I feel weird sometimes. I hadn’t heard about Pern until well after I got into the englophone parts of the internet (At least not so that I’d remember), but it seems to be just assumed that you’re familiar if you like fantasy. XD

    • Inspector Caracal says:

      The funniest thing to me about that – which is actually fairly true in my experience too, at least in circles of about my age that like dragons – is that Pern isn’t even fantasy. >.> It’s fantasy-flavored post-apocalyptic science fiction.

  3. CharCamOlson says:

    Read just about all the Pern books. Loved Freedom’s Landing, too (though there are some scenes I wouldn’t reread at these days). But I think my favorite might be the Crystal Singer Series. Have you read that? Same universe as the Brain Ships.

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