A List of Favorite Trope-Thingies

A couple people in my erstwhile writing group (Lyn and Wyste) did a very informal list of tropes and such they like to see(/use?) in fiction and I thought hey, this seems like a fun bandwagon, I think I will hop on!

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

Rag-tag group of misfits/specialists
Phantom Thief
Gentleman Detective
Portal fantasy
Bonded/telepathic animal companion
Early-arc antagonist later joining the heroes
Brilliant and charismatic eccentrics
Mad Science
Xanatos gambits
Defeat Means Friendship
Color-coded band of heroes
Fish/bird romances
Secret identities
Interspecies politics
Combat! Melee or magic
Complex worldbuilding revealed through the plot
“I’ll protect you!” heroes
Giant mecha
People who are genetic experiments
AI robots
Protagonists with magic powers who go overboard with tons of property damage
Special academy setting
Magical servant/master bonds

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2 Responses to A List of Favorite Trope-Thingies

  1. Wyste says:

    I stole this craft-of-writing prompt idea, if you’re curious where this came from – How To Start Writing A Book When You Have No Ideas: http://freece.livejournal.com/66197.html

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