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“Are you all right?” Alan let out a long breath, something between a sigh and a hiss, and looked at his assistant’s concerned expression through the darkness. Trevor was new, and young; he could be forgiven a few stupid questions … Continue reading

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Among The Trees

Written for Lyn Thorne-Alder in a fic exchange. Vidrou, sa’Tree-Hugger – more commonly known as Vid or Viddie – hummed quietly as he inspected his orchard. It was summer, which meant the seasons for peaches, plums and nectarines. Never mind … Continue reading

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Writing Meme

The rules are simple: Copy paste the questions below onto your blog; Fill in your answers; Drop a link to your post in the comments here.

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Reptiles and Revelry

So I found myself working on my draconic growth chart and contemplating, at the simplest level, whether the males would tend to be larger, or the females would. My initial tentative hypothesis was that females would, partly because I like … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs and Dragons

One of the biggest issues I come across when doing research for things (usually a combination of world-building and just-for–fun) is that all of the interesting scholarly papers – the ones that have actual data, usually – are not publicly … Continue reading

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A Rocky Beginning

for Lyn! “And I’m the rightful king of Scotland.” Jake snorted derisively, looking down at her – or trying, at least. At five foot eight (and a half), Desdemona was taller than at least half the school. “You think I … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Grammarly, a web-based grammar-checking program

So my friend B found and linked to this site, Grammarly, and I was intrigued, so decided to check it out. In order to get an actual breakdown of the proofreading, however, you need to register. And in order to … Continue reading

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A Rainy Afternoon

It was raining outside; not simply rain, but waves cascading down in a ceaseless deluge. Wall-like sheets of the stuff were the only thing visible out the window, casting a watery grey light into the Burnwood common room – which, … Continue reading

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Part of this setting, but except for a couple unimportant references you don’t need to know about it. I tossed yet another dozen red roses into the discard pile, flinging myself back into the pile of cushions with a pained … Continue reading

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Being Normal

part of this thing All Kristin really wanted in life was to be normal. To outward appearances she seemed normal enough; good grades but not great, a decent boyfriend, a small group of friends, a license but no car. Nothing … Continue reading

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