Ganked a writing meme!

Stolen from Lyn Thorne-Alder, who stole it from someone else, in the great tradition of internet memes.

Tell me about a story I haven’t written, and I’ll give you between one and three sentences from that story.
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One-on-One Combat

30 days of fiction list
Day 23: Prompt: falling

There were a lot of other ways this could have gone. A bullet to the head, a tear-filled reconciliation, a mysterious third party interrupting the confrontation…

Falling off the roof of a fifty story building was not really the one I’d have picked.

I reviewed the chain of events as windows rushed past. We’d met up on the roof, as planned. We’d given our respective ultimatums, as expected. She’d pointed a gun at me, I’d pointed a strategically chosen finger at her, and then…

Oh, right. I’d forgotten about her latest boyfriend. Psychokinetic, right? That’s probably what knocked me back the few feet to – and off – the edge.


I stopped the fall about a foot from the ground, the resulting gust of air messing up the hair of a dozen frantic bystanders and two unimpressed passersby. I flipped into a standing position, landing nimbly. Giving a smile and a wave for the cameras, I crouched down, then leapt up the side of the building.

This boyfriend of hers needed to learn to mind his own business.

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Gathering Information

30 days of fiction list
Day 19: Prompt: in the marketplace

Daki loved the marketplace. The bright colors, the shiny trinkets, the delicious smells, all the people she could vanish between before the vendors even finished “stop”, let alone “thief”.

Not that she really needed to steal anymore, but it was fun. Besides, it was a useful skill to keep. Any day could be the last day for this job. Spying wasn’t exactly low-risk. Well. “Gathering information”, as her employer liked to say.
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Prompt: Write a scene as a cat

It is very difficult, the scrawled note begins, to write without thumbs. But I will persist with the experiment, if writing take me all night.

Day 1 has gone much as expected. The target woman was easily won by a play of feline helplessness. I now have ample food, shelter, access to writing implements and an undisturbed corner of the linen closet. I do not believe these blankets have been used in years.

I have been granted free reign over the house, more by virtue of the innate stealth of this form than by explicit permission. There seems little expectation of my obedience. They either attempt to win my favor or to render me as little an inconvenience as possible. I have determined that being scratched behind the ears is by far the most preferable physical attention.

The clock has just rung five. I shall conclude my first report here though I have much more to write, should time permit.

The signature is illegible.

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A Real Query for an Imaginary Book

Prompt: Write a query letter for a fantasy (any kind) novel

Dear Non-Existent-Agent,

When Kian stumbled into the Asagkjh village with a bloody gash in his arm, he didn’t know who he was. He also didn’t know that he looked identical to Korel, a member of the village who died three years before. And he definitely didn’t know that Korel was prophesied to save the world.

As Kian recovered from his injuries under the care of the Aaskjghs chieftain’s daughter, Sharia, strange things began happening. He heard conversations that weren’t happening. He saw doors that weren’t there and led to places they shouldn’t be able to. Torches and fires started to flare brightly or go out when he passed. And no one but him seemed surprised.

The whole village obviously knew something about him that he didn’t know, and they just as obviously wanted to keep it that way. As the chieftain trained him to control his newly-appearing abilities and help defend the village against the ever-increasing Wild attacks, Kian started prying at their secret.

But when Kian finally found his answers, there would still be one question left.

Was he ready? Or would it end in tragedy a second time?

AN IMAGINARY BOOK is a sword and sorcery fantasy novel of OVER 9000! words about power, responsibility, and setting things on fire.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Author

Various Contact Information
Would Undoubtedly
Go Here

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Fooling a Dragon (Three Word Wednesday CCXXXIV)

the details
the words: loud, persuasive, riches

- – - – -

The gold coins each landed with an audible clink, echoing through the chamber. Clink. Clink. Clink clink.

“Perhaps,” it rumbled, enclosing the remaining coins in its massive talons, “if you are very persuasive, I will reconsider.”

The young man being addressed was doing an impressive job of not showing just how terrified he actually was. From a distance, you might even think winged reptilian creatures the size of elephants lay down between him and the exit every day.
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Me? Writing a poem? Nooooo!

It’s all Lyn’s fault. :P It is a villanelle and I figured out what to write it about by gazing around the room.

- – - – -

This wall of shelves, with books galore
That someday I still have to read;
And boxes upon boxes more.

A certified bibliovore,
I strive to sufficiently feed
This wall of shelves with books galore.

Here, Jabberwocks quote Nevermore;
There Watson rides his noble steed;
And boxes upon boxes more.

Like so! The many volumes pour
Into my home. Who else would need
This wall of shelves, with books galore?

They speak of crimes, of ancient lore,
Of love, of life, of cats being treed
And boxes upon boxes more.

But woe! I can’t fit any more.
Now what am I supposed to read?
This wall of shelves, with books galore
And boxes upon boxes more.

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A Prologue

I was digging through my Google Docs files the other day and came across some writing projects I’d begun and pushed aside (for whatever reason). In particular, I came across the prologue to a set of serial shorts that I had been planning on writing. Ah, that project. The idea started out as a comic-book-type serial; episodic chapters, etc. Then I realized I lacked the time and skill to draw it, and didn’t want another artist drawing it as I could (and can) picture it all so clearly in my mind. At this point I decided to write it as a set of serial short stories (in the pattern of Sherlock Holmes – one story was one entity, but with a distinct chronology and a bit of an underlying thread).

Also at that time, I was intending to release it through FictionPress. So, I wrote up a prologue one day (which uses but hardly even hints at the massive amount of backstory or all the connections to several other books/stories I either have ideas for or actually have in progress). Then I proceeded to never do anything with it, as I continued flipping back and forth between web comic and serial shorts.

And so, I present to you the erstwhile prologue of what will eventually be a set of stories. In some form. Maybe.
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