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Not-so-April A-Z Challenge

As you all have probably noticed, I, er, rather failed at the challenge of posting a letter every-day-but-Sundays. Cough. I’m still going to do the whole alphabet, but it’s going to be much less often and I don’t think it … Continue reading

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For today, I am reposting a little fanfic drabble I threw on tumblr a while back. Setting is Hogwarts, characters are based on a novel I’ve been working on for… a while… “For the last time, Theo. Dragons are dangerous … Continue reading

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I do beta-reading (basically proof-reading and checking for tone and consistency) for a couple web serials, and I like to joke that I take commas away from one author and give them to the other. But really, my poorly-kept secret … Continue reading

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Most people, it seems, get into reading Anne McCaffrey by discovering her Pern books. Which makes sense; they’re probably the most popular and most successful of the settings she wrote in. And I’m not going to lie, I definitely read … Continue reading

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The trope of the Magical Boarding School became much more commonly known after the rise of Harry Potter. Addergoole is the name of one such place… except not really. Hogwarts is the kind of school you wish you could go … Continue reading

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April A to Z Challenge

Because apparently doing Camp NaNo to work on my novel revisions isn’t enough, I’ve decided to do the “Blogging from A to Z” challenge this year. I’m going to keep it simple and give myself between 100 and 500 words … Continue reading

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